1. I will be polite, courteous and will show respect to teachers, elders and classmates.
  2. No matter what, I will come to school every working day on time and will do my work regularly. I will follow strictly the Rule of Campus Language.
  3. I will do my home assignments regularly and show them to my parents and concerned teachers.
  4. To remember the assignments, I will not them in my organizer.
  5. I will not leave the classroom while in session.
  6. Classrooms and School building are for my academic activities and I will not run, play shout or do anything to disturb the serenity of the classroom and the premises.
  7. Corridors and staircases are for me to walk on the left side only and to help others walk freely.
  8. Drills and games are for the development of my body and mind and I will never miss them.
  9. I will always be neat and clean and will dress accordingly.