The school has a well-stocked library consisting of general books, reference books and text books in all subjects. It has periodicals also. Higher class texts, guides also have in the library.


  1. Library will be open from 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. on all working days.
  2. Do not bring your personal belongings (bag, file, other note books / texts, pen drive, CDs, umbrella etc.) inside the library. You are allowed to bring loose paper sheets or library note book for note-making.
  3. Perfect silence and order must be maintained in the library.
  4. Group study and discussion are not permitted in the library
  5. Handle the books with care. To tear off the pages of books / magazines means to cheat your friend who is also in need of the information contained in it.
  6. Books for reference can be obtained from the librarian during the library hours.
  7. Please do not misplace the books on the racks.
  8. Library cards (Reader’s Tickets) will be issued to all the members (staff & 6th – 10th class students) of the school library and if it is lost, a new card may be issued with a remittance of fine Rs. 10/-
  9. Readers tickets are not transferable. Loss of a ticket will lead to its misuse by others, and you may have to be responsible for a costly book.
  10. Book borrowed from the library must be returned within specific time as detailed below
CategoryNumber of Reader’s Ticket
Teaching Staff4
Non Teaching Staff2
  1. Absence from the school will not be an excuse for not returning the books in time.
  2. If the due date falls on a week end or short holidays, the books must be returned on the next working day.
  3. All the books must be entered in the library issue Register/Database before they are taken out of the library.
  4. A fine of Rs. 1.00 per day of default will be levied in case of books not returned on the date.
  5. Books are issued only for the use of the borrower hence he/she may not exchange them with or lend them to others.
  6. Books must be examined by the borrower before he/she leaves the library and must point out to the librarian if any damage is observed.
  7. The loss of book should be reported to the librarian as soon as possible.

For books lost the following procedure will be followed:-

  • If new editions or copies of the lost books are available with the book supliers, the book lost has to be replaced by a new one.
  • In the event of one volume of a set being lost, the whole set will have to be replaced.
Date of publication of the lost bookAmount to be received
Before 19803 time sthe original cost
After 1980twice the original cost
  1. If the book value cannot be ascertained, compensation will be fixed on the basis of the market price of similar publications at the time of fixation.
  2. “No Due Certificate” from the library should be produced while applying for Transfer certificate. Members are liable to surrender all Reader’s Tickets at the time of closure of membership to obtain “No due Certificate” from the library. Transfer certificate (TC) will be issued only after clearing all dues to the library.