Onam Celebration 2K22

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Feast of St. Euphrasia

Mother's Feast


Talent Drizzles 2K22


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Grandparents Day


Teachers Orientation Programme


Biodiversity club Exhibition


Sacred Heart Feast 2K22


Club Inauguration 2K22


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Investiture Ceremony 2K22


School Election 2K22


Blood Donation Day 2K22


Environment Day Competitions 2K22


KG Reopening Day 2K22


Reopening Day 2K22(I - XII)


Teachers Orientation Programme 2K22


Xth Farewell 2022

Convocation Ceremony

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Orientation Programme



Christmas Day

Children's Day

Kerala Piravi & Reopening Day

Principal's Feast

FEAST - Local Manager

Gandhi Jayanti

Hindi Day & Ozone Day

Teachers Day

Talent Drizzles

Euphrasia Day

Independence Day