1. There are three terminal examinations during the course of the year and midterm test. Report of the examinations will be sent to the parents and they are requested to examine and sign them in time.
  2. A student who does not appear in an examination except for grave reason will be considered to have failed in that examination.
  3. The class tests are conducted to cultivate the habit of a regular study pattern in students so that they are alert in class and watchful of their academic performance throughout the year.


  1. A student has to secure 50% in each subject for a passing grade at the end of the year. A failure in English by itself or any other two subjects shall warrant a detention in the class.
  2. Students who secure above 90% and 80% in each subject in term examination will be awarded with gold shield and silver shield respectively.
  3. Students those who got 100% attendance will be awarded.
  4. Using unfair means will be considered as failure in the examination. It can also lead to dismissal from the school.